Episode 1: Deep Under the South Pole

20 Years Ago, 14 Fire Nation Pirates invaded the Southern Water Tribe. 3 of them killed Caboo’s parents. Caboo was a 9 year old Southern Water Tribe Boy. He ran south and fell in a deep hole. He discovered that it was a never-before-used hideout that was built after the great war. He found thousands of books and scrolls and finished them all by the time he was 29.

Meanwhile, when Caboo and Avatar Hao were 16 years old, Hao Lee was playing in his backyard. A few hours before he was appointed Avatar, he found an elephant rat. Hao named the elephant rat, Cean.

When he was appointed Avatar, he called his old friend, Jabanu and tells him that he’s going to visit him in Republic City. He goes to Republic City to learn Metalbending.


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