Episode 2: Where is the Avatar?

Hao did not really reach Republic City, he and Cean lost in the middle of the ocean and landed on the remote island: Whale Tail Island. Toph’s daughter left some Earth Kingdom Scrolls on basic and advanced Metalbending here after The Legend of Korra.

While Hao reached Whale Tail Island, Jabanu was very worried. He asked his father if they could go look for Hao. Mr.Bei Fong was worried too, so he agreed. They searched Republic City but couldn’t find Hao.

Hao followed what the scroll said, trained and learned basic metalbending.

It had been another day and Hao hasn’t reached Republic City. Jabanu and his father, Mr.Bei Fong decided to go to Ba Sing Se. Once they reached Ba Sing Se, they went to Hao’s house and asked his mother where he was. Hao’s mother said that he went to Republic City. The Bei Fongs were worried. They set sail for Republic City again and got lost, just like Hao did. They ended up on Whale Tail Island too and saw Hao metalbending. They brought him and the scrolls back to Republic City…


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