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You can watch Avatar:The Last Airbender and The Last Airbender:Legend of Korra here.

Avatar:The Last Airbender

Watch all 3 seasons of Avatar:The Last Airbender here!

Season 1: Water

Season Premiere:The Boy in the Iceberg

Season Finale:The Siege of the North (Part I and II)

The Boy in the Iceberg


The Avatar Returns


The Southern Air Temple


The Warriors of Kyoshi


Season 2: Earth

Season Premiere:The Avatar State

Season Finale:The Crossroads of Destiny

Between 220 and 301 (Between Earth-Finale and Fire-Premiere)

Escape from the Spirit World Prologue


Escape from the Spirit World:1-Avatar Roku


Escape from the Spirit World:2-Avatar Kyoshi


Escape from the Spirit World:3-Avatar Kuruk


Escape from the Spirit World:4-Avatar Yangchen


Play the Game: Escape from the Spirit World


Game: Escape from the Spirit World Codes

Chapter 1: PATHIK

Chapter 2: BOSCO

Chapter 3: KURUK

Chapter 4: YANGCHEN

Book 3: Fire

Season Premiere:The Awakening

Season Finale:Sozin's Comet

More episodes will be available soon.

The Last Airbender:Legend of Korra

The Last Airbender:Legend of Korra is currently unavailable..

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