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Welcome to Future Avatars WikiEdit

Welcome to Future Avatars Wiki! Give ideas for awesome series made by the founder, Aang328. Also find great Avatar:The Last Airbender Shows!

The Ideas WikiEdit

Here,you can give ideas for Avatar:Conquerer's Reign. This story is about the Avatar after Korra. If I like your ideas,then you MIGHT see your ideas on the story that I'm going to put up. If you want to supply ideas time from time, read summarys about an episode, or read the article,go to ACR:Current Episodes,find the link and click on it,or if you already know the link and type it in the search box.To find out what episodes that I'm working on currently,go to ACR:Current Episodes.If you want to know what I'm doing daily go to my blog by typing in Aang328.

Latest activityEdit

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